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A Little Bit More – May 27th @ 8pm – LIVE STREAM


OWINGSVILLE, KY – Music is all around us. It’s in the sound of the wind and drops of rain on a roof. It’s at local events and on radios. It often leaves you wanting more. In fact, just a little bit more and you would be there – in your happy place where the music carries you away.

The Owingsville, Kentucky-based Americana group A Little Bit More is sure to provide you with the music that takes you to your happy place. With Reed Fields and Jill Hamlin as front persons, A Little Bit More began in 2012 and is currently working on its first album slated to be released 2016.

With musical influences ranging from Waylon Jennings to Aretha Franklin, A Little Bit More has a little something for most any musical taste. The group plays primarily Americana but mixes in a range of styles.

“Audiences can expect to have a laid back show, but they’ll also be able to get up and dance, tap their feet or just close their eyes and let the music put the soundtrack to their daydreaming,” said Hamlin.

Fields and Hamlin both say that singing, writing and playing music is just part of their DNA and something they have to do.

“We just love to play music,” Fields said. “We love to play for people that want to have a good listening experience.”

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