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Ana Kay is a performing artist from Brooklyn New York. Her sound is an energetic blend of heartfelt lyrics, infectious melodies, and masterful toe-tapping rhythm.

“Even as a child I always wanted to create.” she admits.
This desire compelled Ana to seek out mentors. She attended acting school at the New York conservatory School of Film & Television to hone her story telling. Even As she learned the rudiments of acting, she always felt a pang of mixed curiosity and guilt for the road she had neglected to explore.

“I've always wanted to sing, i'd regret if i didn't and in the end i want no regrets.” she says in a reverie while recalling how
serendipity introduced her to Craig Derry; the vocal coach who has trained the likes of Anthony Hamilton, and Maxwell.

Under Craig Derry's careful tutelage, Ana grew as a singer, she was emboldened. She now strives to make the ideas in her head palpable. To release them out into the world.
To date Ana Kay has released a collection of songs which convey her range as an artist. Her latest single “Love you not” was produced by platinum producer/songwriter KQuick. The song is a rhythmic cocktail laced with slick wordplay and anthemic melodies.

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