Live From Center Stage

Sarah Swain & The Oh Boys

Sarah Swain and the The Oh Boys feature Sarah on guitar and vocals, slide guitar virtuoso Jerry Smith, “Rocket” Ron Siegel on upright bass and Liam Hogg on drums.

Their set features Sarah’s original compositions, mixing in old Wanda Jackson and other classics as well as some lost garage rock nuggets. It’s rockabilly with a splash of soul…and a vibrant energy that’s downright contagious.
More than a singer/songwriter, Sarah sets herself apart by leaving in the rough edges – discovering country and roots music without throwing away her Replacements albums.

Sarah quit playing the flute in the marching band and picked up a guitar at the age of 15 and started writing music almost immediately. Over the past 15 years she has traveled all over the US and UK playing her original music. Sarah has been a member of Boston area bands The Sallies, Professor Gascan, Vein and The Spike Emerson Society. She was also in a band in LA that she will never admit to. Ever.

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