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The Gringos LIVE STREAM – June 26th 2016

  The Gringos are a high energy show band hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona. A long-time Cape Cod staple throughout the 1970’s, this hot rocking, eight piece horn band led by trumpet player/arranger Jim Miller has a style all its own, The Gringos have a commercial sound all their own culminating in 2 album releases (Leer Records & […]


Divine Apostles of Annapolis

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Bittersweet is a Band specializing in Funk, Soul, & Classic R&B. Founder, Drummer Greg Baker and lead vocalist Tracy Howerton are dedicated and sensitive to the specific nature of 70s 80s & 90s Funk, Soul, and Classic R&B. Greg was the original live recording and touring drummer for the Village […]

Jocelyn Faro & The Regazzi

Singer/songwriter Jocelyn Faro’s passion for storytelling has provided a reliable compass throughout her budding musical career. Raised in a home with a variety of music on the dial, Faro quickly came to appreciate the diversity of artists. That Faro’s acoustic guitar work is rhythmically captivating and her singing voice luxuriant […]

Kate Vargas & The Reckless Daughters

Kate Vargas is an Americana singer-songwriter in New York City. Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, southwestern culture and storytelling traditions inspire many of her lyrical themes. “Kate Vargas hails from Albuquerque and masterfully assimilated her southwestern storytelling into a medley of blues guitar, bass lines and faint banjo […]

Crys Mattews

Come What May is the fourth studio release from singer/songwriter Crys Matthews. A departure both musically and lyrically from her earlier works, this album bridges the gap between contemporary folk and Americana with simple, honest storytelling set to great music that helps you feel every word. From the title track […]

Grant Maloy Smith

Grant Maloy Smith™ is a singer/songwriter of American Roots music – a blend of old country, bluegrass, folk and Celtic influences into a uniquely American genre. His songs tell stories and paint pictures with words. Originally from Jacksonville Florida, Grant heard the strains of bluegrass from his Kentucky-born and raised […]

Aaron Norcross Jr. & The Old Dogs

In September of 2006 Aaron Norcross, Jr. started taking lessons at a local music store in Wareham, MA. He was armed with a Red Fender Squire, the same color as Pete Townshend’s guitar. Aaron wanted to be just like Pete; the windmills and jumps. The first song he learned on […]

Sarah Swain & The Oh Boys

Sarah Swain and the The Oh Boys feature Sarah on guitar and vocals, slide guitar virtuoso Jerry Smith, “Rocket” Ron Siegel on upright bass and Liam Hogg on drums. Their set features Sarah’s original compositions, mixing in old Wanda Jackson and other classics as well as some lost garage rock […]