Live From Center Stage

Kate Vargas & The Reckless Daughters

Kate Vargas is an Americana singer-songwriter in New York City. Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, southwestern culture and storytelling traditions inspire many of her lyrical themes.
“Kate Vargas hails from Albuquerque and masterfully assimilated her southwestern storytelling into a medley of blues guitar, bass lines and faint banjo pluckings. It’s her throaty rock vocals, though, aged far beyond their actual years, that pierces through it all — drawing you in for more.”

– Rachel Downes, The Bluegrass Connection
“There doesn’t seem to be very much that singer-songwriter-storyteller Kate Vargas is too afraid to reveal. Listen as her tales of love (‘If You Love Me’) and the devil (‘Throw the Devil Back’) weave their way through a riotous brew of folk, blues and rock, delivered by an undeniably unique voice, and arrangements that sound old-timey but – at a close listen – are not. It’s like the sound of a favorite bourbon come to life: gritty, but with loads of personality to spare.”
– Mike Levine, The Deli Magazine
“As soon as this New Mexican artist began singing we were enamored. There is a gravelly tone to her voice that is scintillating to hear…It was a brilliant performance to see.” -Unsigned & Independent Magazine (review of Dublin performance at The Grand Social)

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