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Green Language

Green Language is the hidden language of the gods found in art, music and nature. Also known as the language of the birds, adepts with heightened sensitivity have often been able to pick up on subtle messages that have guided them to the inner riches of life. Have you ever received a personal message in a song or image? Did your subconscious ever solve a nagging problem for you: when you finally stopped thinking about it, the answer came? Can you hear the sound?

Formed in January 2014, Green Language combined members of popular Jersey Original Rock Band, Keyser Soze and premiere Upper Township Bar Band, D-Suspended. Combining elements of Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Reggae, Blues, Folk, and Pop, They have developed a sound with universal appeal. Their catalogue includes hundreds of songs, tons of originals and covers of every genre and era, from Louie Armstrong and Frank Sinatra, to Cage The Elephant and The White Stripes (and everything in between). The band has a versatility that is rarely found outside of the big cities. They often fuse their Dynamic Rock sound with stripped down acoustic moments and elements of World Music, such as Irish, Spanish, Caribbean and anything that catches their ear. They are also influenced by 50’s Rockabilly, 60’s Jam Rock, 70’s Hard Rock & Southern Rock, 80′ Punk, 90’s Grunge and 2000’s Retro Rock. The Green Language sound combines Strong Vocals, Driving Guitar, Danceable Groove, Harmonies and Catchy Hooks to produce the ultimate party atmosphere, complete with sophisticated lyrics with many layers of meaning.

Eddie Shiffler has written over 300 songs in his career in NJ, NYC and Philly with numerous groups from Keyser Soze, The Dangerous Ones, Dogz of Zeus, to his solo acoustic folk Music. Steve Cavaretta is one of the most unique lead guitarists and songwriters to ever come out of the South Jersey area. John Shiffler is a gifted vocalist with an ear for harmony; a talented young songwriter with solid chops on guitar and bass. Ryan Shiffler is a young drumming prodigy who picked up the sticks one day and was just able to play: he also has the clearest voice with the most range in the group. Together they have developed a Beatles-esque chemistry with charismatic showmanship, musicality and infectious earbugs that will have you coming back for more, again and again.

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