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Clayton Restaino Project

Fred CLAYTON is a bassist, singer and composer. Born in Alabama USA, Fred plays the upright & electric bass and sings with a powerful and warm voice. Accompanied by his instrument, he grooves to the point that it makes the ice melt. Fred brings you with pure delight through the roots of the Blues, smashing into Funk music, then mixes in the Soul and adds a little touch of Hip Hop. “Not just blues” express’s perfectly the style of Fred Clayton. A blues contemporary, he is original and very dynamic. Fred has rocked through many of the most reputable venues in Paris, Europe as well as regular trips to the States. His first album “KEEPING THE BLUES ALIVE” recorded in 1998 is, to quote Archie SHEPP : “a must for any serious blues fan… this group is Hot!” Followed in Sept. 2001 by the album “CHANGING UP THE PACE ! Not just blues” These CD’s give an accurate insight into the musical world of Fred CLAYTON and it turns out, he’s not just a bluesman.


Stephen Michael RESTAINO is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and recording engineer from Long Island, New York. He has been a professional musician for 20 years and has played in front of 3 to 3,000 people over the years. In the corners of the worst dive bars, and on large auditorium stages, he’s a pro. He is known for being  a progressive bass player, and Frank Zappa freak,  but started out on guitar and continues to strive for his “happy zone” during all performances.

Steve  plays;  Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keys, Harmonica, Drums, Lap-steel, Uke & Mandolin.
He has shared the stage with too many bands to count and has become a go-to guy for session and pick-up gigs. He has rocked from Maine to Florida and on some of New York’s finest stages, including the famous CBGBs, Westbury in the round, & the small stage at Jones Beach Theatre. Adding to that list recently, is The Cape Cod Melody Tent, and main stages at fairgrounds in MA, NH, & NY.

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