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Lexington, MA 08.26.2008:   Digney Fignus (cq) had a new wave hit in the 80's is back with a new album.    Section: LIVING; Slug: ; Reporter: james sullivan     Globe Staff Photo, David Kamerman

Digney Fignus LIVE STREAM- Jan 12 @2:30pm – Cape Cod Museum of Art


Live, whether unplugged or with a full rhythm section, the band is a fan favorite at festivals. The shows are high-energy full throttle fun that feature contagious songs that you'll be singing the next day. 



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Digney started out singing in the choir and playing the clarinet. They were soon traded in for a microphone and electric guitar. He arrived on the music scene in the ’80s playing guitar and singing in a three-piece Boston punk band called THE SPIKES. Scoring on local radio with songs like “Air Raid” and “Summer Vacation.” THE SPIKES performed for underground loft shows that eventually led Digney to run one of the first “Punk” night clubs in Boston, (“Streets” voted Boston’s #1 nightclub by the Boston Phoenix). Digney’s first big break came when he won the MTV basement tapes with his hit song and video “THE GIRL WITH THE CURIOUS HAND”. This led to a follow up release on COLUMBIA RECORDS that Digney co-produced with former CHARTBUSTER and MODERN LOVER, Leroy Radcliffe.


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