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The Goombas – Aug 19 @ 8pm LIVE STREAM


We are The Goombas, a 3-piece band out of Whitby Ontario, Canada. Born around 2011, this earthy soul train has come from the four corners of the ether to collide in space-time for your grooving pleasure.
We’ve had our ups and downs as any good band should, and thankfully our essence seems to have stuck through the mire of time.
Dakota Wylie has been playing guitar and singing since around 2007 or so. He is passionate about mechanics, engineering, metalworking and everything electrical, and has always been the lightbulb which the rest of the band radiates around. Jordan Orr is a multi-talented, self-described “geek” with a passion for art, music, architecture, literature and technology. He has been playing drums since around 2005. Dakota and Jordan started the original line-up of the Goombas with the help of an old bass player at first, and then the final member of the band Dustin Cormier got in on the action around 2012. Dustin Cormier is a spiritual artist and writer in his own right, gaining popularity as an online guitar teacher through his Youtube channel, Howtorockacampfire.
With the supportive rhythm section of Jordan’s sweeping drum fills and Dustin’s electric bass grooves, the crooning vocals and cool antics of The Goombas now have the “ground” it needs to radiate solar warmth at every show, and there are plenty more to come. 

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